Hi! My name is… Kris Deckers, born in 1986 and I live in Belgium. Since 2001 I started DJing and over the years I have developed a passion for music. I collect music. Anno 2020 I  have around 3.000 CDs (albums and compilations), 500 single CDs, 300 vinyls (maxi 12″ singles) and thousands of legal MP3 (iTunes, Beatport, Beatsource). From 2008 till 2019 I organized 12 editions of a free local pop and rock festival LochtFest in Duffel (Belgium), as a volunteer in my spare time. The annual average number of visitors was approximately 7.000 people. I also like going to other festivals and concerts since I was fifteen years old.

As a DJ I play different genres depending on the type of party and the audience on the dancefloor. I have played at many public and private parties, weddings, corporate events and some festivals. You can read more about that on my DJ Bookings website: http://www.krisix.be/ (in Dutch).


Music Discovery

This blog was created for two reasons.

  1. You can find my DJ mixtapes via the menu, tags and categories. I have over 100 mixtapes on my online Mixcloud account, in different genres. This blog can help you to discover them better depending on what mood you are in. Do you want to party, chill or just use a mix as a soundtrack while working. This site can help you to find the right mixtape.
  2. I never stop collecting music. I visit a lot of second-hand music fairs (for CDs and vinyl) and every week I check online music platforms to discover and buy new music. I organize all my music in my DJ software Rekordbox and sort them by genre and mood, for my DJ sessions. I also use Spotify to listen to my own collection or discover new music and make playlists. While looking for new music or organizing my own collection, I discover many (forgotten) hits or albums. And sometimes I come across some fun facts about them. With this blog I want to share some of them with you. So I also can be a guide to help you discover ‘new’ music. Via mixtapes, Spotify playlists, videos or short messages.


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