Mixtape: 90s Pop & Dance Party

Live recording at a birthday party with 80s and 90s theme. This mixtape only contains cuts from the 90s music. Tracks from Deee-Lite, Wamdue Project, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Gala, Urban Cookie Collective, Will Smith, Dr. Alban, The Bloodhound Gang, Five, Mr. President, T-Spoon, Deep Zone, Faithless, Sash!, Good Shape, 2 Fabiola, Thunderball, The Offpspring, Britney Spears, Blackstreet, Wheatus, Haddaway, Vengaboys, DJ Jurgen, X-Session, Captain Hollywood Project, Milk Inc., 3 Doors Down, Spice Girls, Scoop, Fiocco and Astroline.

Live at 90s Party, Ruisbroekmolen – Pop & Dance

tape recorder 90s music memphis style background

Recorded: 2019

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