Book: Hip Hop Raised Me

I recently finished this book “Hip Hop Raised Me” by DJ Semtex. A coffee table book from 2018 about the history of hip-hop music and culture. With lots of facts, photography and album covers. Around 440 pages of reading pleasure. I would definitely recommend this book to music lovers. I bought this in a local bookshop in Antwerp (‘t Stad Leest), but you can buy the book on different online platforms.

If you want to know more about this book, go check out this interview with the author DJ Semtex.

Or check out this book review by Afrovisualism.


Music books

Are you interested in reading other music books? On this page you can find a list of my recommendations.


If you like hip hop music, take a look at the following page on my blog. It’s a collection of my hip hop and urban mixtapes.

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