Warm-up Pop Session at Bocadero Antwerp

An allround warm-up session full of radio hits in different genres. Pop, urban, dance, house. Recorded live at a corporate event in 2019 at Bocadero in Antwerp.


Coming soon.

Recorded: 2019

Some pictures during the start of the event. It was a nice evening, a great crowd and delicious catering from http://www.saillart.be.

In this video compilation (around 50 seconds) you can see some footage from later in the evening.

My closing session at this event is also available on Mixcloud and this blog.

Tracklist available at:

2 thoughts on “Warm-up Pop Session at Bocadero Antwerp

  1. Another terrific playlist. You start off with one of my favorite songs “Stressed Out”, then 3rd song in is the marvelous “Empire State of Mind”. “Rock Your Body” is another favorite of mine.

    1. Thanks, those 3 songs are also favorites of mine. This event was a mix of different kind of people in the crowd and at the beginning of the evening I had no idea what music they liked, so I focused on well known radio hits in the warm-up (with my personal twist), building up to the dance event. It was a fun night. Enjoy the mixtape and thanks for the feedback!

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