Album: Chicane – Behind the Sun

One of my favorite albums has turned 20 years this year. I’m getting old. In 1999 Chicane had released the single “Saltwater”. A nice chill-out trance tune. In 2000 the studio album “Behind the Sun” came out. I first discovered this album when I rented it in the library. A couple of years later I bought the CD. It’s the perfect album to relax with.

The album is a mix of different styles of electronic music. Dream-house and downtempo, but also some nice trance tunes and a few breakbeats. It’s difficult to just pick one track as a favorite, they are all good. Just listen to the whole album and enjoy!


Year: 2000

Music Video


I also like the trance remix from The Thrillseekers of “Autumn Tactics” so I bought this one on vinyl.


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