Book: The Original Soundtrack

I have just finished reading this book “The Original Soundtrack” (in Dutch). Belgian film journalist Robin Broos collects the best stories and facts about the best film scores. The book alternates nicely between a focus on movies (e.g. Amélie Poulain, The Godfather, Star Wars), composers (e.g. Danny Elfman, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer) and themes (e.g. rejected scores, space movies). It’s not only about classical compositions, but also jazz and electronic soundtracks. I learned a lot of new facts about my favorite movies (e.g. Back To The Future, Interstellar, Requiem For A Dream), but also about movies that I haven’t seen yet and now I’m interested to check them out. This book reads very smoothly and is a must-read for all movie and music lovers.

The Original Soundtrack (Robin Broos, 2020)

Spotify playlist

The author has also collected the songs from the book in a Spotify playlist.

More info

You can order the book on this website:

The Original Soundtrack is a radio program and podcast on Belgian radio station Klara. But you can also find new facts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.


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